New technology and corporate entrepreneurship

Corporate entrepreneurship is the idea that large corporations can overcome their “risk-averse cultures” that “stifle innovation” and learn how to “create, develop, and sustain innovative new businesses”.

I’ve prepared a new executive lecture session on the opportunities offered by new information technology for promoting corporate entrepreneurship, broken down into three categories:

  • Collaboration through ‘social computing’ – enabling people to find each other and not have to ‘reinvent the wheel’, let voices and ideas be heard, and allow people to describe and categorize knowledge in the way they find most useful.
  • Analytics and business intelligence – finding ways to take advantage of the masses of data being collected by firms.
  • ‘Mass collaboration’ with the outside world – linking to innovation capabilities outside of any one business.

But can mere technology make a difference? Conventional wisdom says that corporate culture and leadership ultimately determine whether businesses can become more innovative and entrepreneurial, and that technologies are just tools. I wonder. Maybe the technology itself, if it connects enough people together, can be the source of significant change. Let’s see what our visiting executives have to say.

The slides are available here. This session will be part of the USF Corporate Entrepreneurship Latin America program for the ADEN Business School of Argentina, rated as the top MBA program in Latin America by Latin Trade magazine. Thanks to my colleague Carlos Baradello for organizing the session.

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  1. Hi JP

    I have just discovered your blog comments on corporate entrepreneurship. I have done a number of things in this area over the years and read your comments with real interest. Whilst I am very practical in my approach I think I differ from you in that I promote the psychological aspects – its all about getting the right people who can actually pick up the innovation and entrepreneurial projects and run with them. However, this is totally compatible with social networking.

    I suppose my experience is that social networking and technology is part of the equation, but does still require leadership and management. I always refer to 3M as the exponents of good innovation and entrepreneurship.


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