J.P.’s teaching goal is to enable others to change the world for the better, using Information Technology. His main focus is on developing new approaches to teaching business and entrepreneurship students how to do business online.

Current teaching areas

  • Internet Business Applications
  • Systems in Organizations:  Processes and Technology
  • Social Networking and Online Community
  • Innovation and Technology Management

Previous teaching areas

  • Intro to Information Systems/Information Management
  • Systems Analysis and Development
  • Masters/PhD Seminar in Information Systems
  • Information Systems for Manufacturing
  • Technology, Work, and Society
  • Engineering Writing and Presentation Skills

Executive education

  • Internet Business
  • Virtual Worlds
  • IT and Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • The IT Innovation Gap


J.P. received the 2014 Association for Information Systems Innovation in Teaching Award.

J.P. was awarded a Fulbright fellowship (Portugal) in 2010 for lecturing and curriculum development in Innovation and Technology Management.

J.P. was a finalist for the Best Teaching Case Award at the 2008 WITS Technology Instruction in Business Curriculum Competition.

J.P. received the USF Center for Instruction and Technology Innovation Award in 2007.