About JP

J.P. Allen is a Professor of Information Systems in the Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy Department at the School of Management, University of San Francisco.   J.P. was the first Department Chair of USF’s Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship department, and served as Interim Chair for our Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and International Business department.

J.P.’s research looks at how people, organizations, and information technology combine together to change the world, particularly in contexts where business plays an important role–the fancy academic term for this is ‘socio-technical change and innovation’.  J.P.’s current research focus is on new internet-based business practices, using open source platforms, ‘web 2.0’ style content communities, software-as-a-service, and virtual infrastructure (such as ‘cloud computing’).  How can user-led, open innovation in the digital world lead to better ways of doing things?  When will these new practices lead to more innovation and knowledge sharing, even among competing firms?  J.P. has also published research on information technologies such as gaming, mobile devices and applications, enterprise systems, security, and large databases of personally identifiable information.

At USF, J.P. has developed a set of Internet Business Applications courses for business students. In Internet Apps class, students apply open-source software and web-based services to deliver useful new applications and digital businesses without any previous technology experience.  J.P. has taught MBAs and undergrads in our required business process, operations management, and IT course.  J.P. has also taught a Freshman Seminar on Social Networking and Online Community.

Before arriving at USF, J.P. was a faculty member at the University of Cambridge, and Purdue University. He has been a visiting professor in Germany, Brazil, and Portugal (Azores), a visiting researcher in Sweden and Australia, and has lived in the Bay Area, Orange County (CA), Indiana, Saudi Arabia, England, Greece, and Switzerland.

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J.P.’s email address is jpallen@usfca.edu