Krakow, Poland: A technology hub for Central & Eastern Europe


After spending July in Krakow, Poland visiting companies, startups, and universities, I am truly impressed with the Krakow tech scene.

Together with a colleague at Cisco Systems Poland, Ramon Tancinco, I have put together a small deck of slides introducing Krakow as a hub for taking advantage of the immense pool of technical talent in Central and Eastern Europe.  Krakow has it all:  low cost, a nice place to live or visit, an emerging culture of entrepreneurship and risk-taking, plus the political and legal stability of an EU country.  Learn why Google, IBM, CapGemini and many others have chosen Krakow as a high-tech location.

We created these slides in the context of the new San Francisco/Krakow sister city relationship.  The slides are licensed as open content, so help yourself.

[Slides in ppt format]  New version as of 27 January 2010.

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  1. hey JP! i’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed Krakow. it is such a beautiful and inspiring city. and, now that i’ve read your blog, i know much more about its technology and technological potential. i wasn’t aware that krakow and san francisco have become sister cities – yet another reason and opportunity to collaborate. enjoy the rest of your stay.

  2. Dear Prof. Allen,

    Very interesting presentation on Krakow’s perspectives. It funny to learn from a US blog that we are sister city of the Silicon Valley capital 🙂

    I believe very much in your conclusion that Krakow is the place to be in R&D in Europe right now. One thing I’d like to add is the emerging biotechnology industry. Krakow has 4 000 researchers in life science in four universities – that have discoveries like adrenalin on their track. The speciality is cancer, cardiovasular diseases and cognition (schizophrenia, Alzheimer) research.

    There are also emerging biotech companies like
    Trigendo, BioTe21 or my Selvita ( I myself switched from IT/Internet (ComArch/Interia) to biotech.

    I hope that you can also get acquainted with the biotech environment on your next trip to Krakow. You are much invited.

    Pawel Przewiezlikowski

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