Announcing the exciting new “You belong in tech” campaign

You belong in techTech is back, people.  Two huge reasons:

  • Tech is still innovating big-time.  Thanks to innovation, tech-centric industries (software, networks, online, services), and closely related industries (electronics, telcos, digital media, entertainment, gaming, tech consulting), are going strong in tough economic times. We’re the ‘real’ economy now!
  • Hardcore tech is easier to access than ever.  It’s never been easier to move beyond being just a ‘user’ by actually customizing, assembling, and developing your very own apps and services.

In an effort to capture the excitement of this new era, we have launched the non-award-winning “You belong in tech” ad campaign to get students fired up.  The campaign only consists of an eight slide presentation, but each slide is extremely high impact.

We have also launched the Campaign for Real Tech (CRT), which consists entirely of this blog post.  CRT believes that a business school education in San Francisco deserves serious tech coverage. Students, if you want to learn more about any of these topics, leave a comment on this page, or grab your nearest b-school administrator:

social media, social technologies, online communities, tech product management, tech marketing and sales, web 2.0, open source, open innovation, enterprise architectures, web analytics, web apps, e-commerce (yes, it’s back), content management, customer relationship management, APIs and platforms, search engine placement, online ads, online experience management, usability, virtual worlds, mobility, location-based services, sensor tech, or enterprise 2.0

If you want to change the world, this is the time.

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  1. Campaign looks wonderful. I would like to support it absolutelly and proceed with its launching in Spain/Europe…

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