Web 2.0 and knowledge sharing: Slides from ISTAS 08

Fresh from the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society (ISTAS 08), slides from my talk on “How Web 2.0 Communities Solve the Knowledge Sharing Problem.”  (Thanks to Andrew Clement for checking during the talk and seeing the slides weren’t there as promised!  Caught again.)

The main addition to the original paper are thoughts about where we might apply knowledge sharing techniques from Web 2.0 communities.  First, by bringing these knowledge sharing tools and practices into businesses as they are organized today (Enterprise 2.0).  Second, and more profoundly, by helping to create a ‘business commons’ that shares practices and knowledge normally kept (and constantly reinvented) within specific organizations.

The only other addition is data on how the web itself has changed.  Web pages are no longer just hypertext, but serve more as an interface to other resources (on average, there are 50 links to outside objects per page) and an environment for running programs (on average, 7 scripts per page, plus code on the server side).  Web 2.0 is not just a business concept—it is also grounded in changes to the web itself.