The IJEC journal gets a new board member, and a new website

I recently joined the International Journal of Electronic Commerce as an editorial board member, and its new web editor.  Which is cool, because IJEC is still the #1 rated e-commerce journal in the universe.  But it’s also cool because I had the chance to relaunch IJEC’s online presence with its first new website since the late 1990’s.

The new IJEC website.

So far, it’s a somewhat minimalist update.  It uses open technology (WordPress), making it easy to add new capabilities as we go along.  It gets a modest 1000 or so monthly visitors from 70 countries.

It’s the largest content-based site I’ve ever done – almost 500 pages – so previously unknown bulk import and backup plugins have become my good friends.  I even get that little pang of nervousness in the pit of my stomach when I hit the ‘update’ button, so you know it’s for real.

Except for much better search engine results on article and author names, there’s no dramatically new power yet.  I look forward to hearing from you about what interesting new capabilities we should add.  We technology academics are famous for always having the worst, most outdated technology (I’m not naming any names, um, AIS) but let’s break that cycle, shall we?