USF’s Online Business Class Wins the AIS Innovation in Teaching Award

USF’s Online Business education received some big-time recognition recently, in the form of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Innovation in Teaching Award. The plaque is made out to your humble author, but the achievement of winning our profession’s teaching award is due to years of hard work and support from my students and colleagues.

For those who aren’t aware, our Internet Business class teaches students with no previous technology experience how to design and deploy their own online businesses. While it’s a great way to learn technology that’s hands-on, and highly relevant to business, for entrepreneurs it’s a uniquely powerful way to test their ideas on real customers. That’s probably why it’s now a required course for our Entrepreneurship majors and minors.

If you’d like to learn more about this–now we can say it–award winning approach to Information Systems and Entrepreneurship education, you can find more information in the nomination for the award. My colleague Ryan Wright and I have released it as a working paper.

Looking forward to another great year of Internet Business education. Whether they dream of founding the next billion dollar unicorn, or grabbing more customers for a local café, it’s really fun to put this power in every student’s hands.