Guest lecture video updating the Web 2.0 knowledge sharing paper

I gave my Web 2.0 knowledge sharing paper (written around August 2008, though published recently) an update in this guest lecture video for Örebro University’s Web 2.0 and Social Media class.  Two years later, 9 out of the 10 Web 2.0 cases featured in the paper are bigger than ever, from the facebook juggernaut to the recent digg controversy.

I still see the main challenge facing Web 2.0 knowledge sharing as coping with ‘bad behavior’, but I try out a new categorization scheme that puts the potential solutions into three types:  algorithm, network, and human.

Knowledge sharing successes in Web 2.0 – An update from JP Allen on Vimeo.

Though the video itself has extremely low production value (adding to its authentic charm?!?), I found it useful to revisit the paper two years later and talk about the changes I would make if I rewrote it today. 

[Video production note: If you watch the video from the page, you’ll see the full HD picture. I tried using YouTube, but the low quality killed the computer screen video, and mangled any motion.]